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Wow, I Should Have Posted This Earlier...

March 29, 2012
Posted at 9:52 pm

Last Friday evening, at almost exactly 9 PM CST, I finished Chapter 60 - just over 120,000 words, 254 pages (the way I have it set up in Word). There have been suggestions that perhaps the submission should be broken up into three... doesn't really work for me, story-wise, so I'm considering two - the Saturday of the party up until midnight, and then Sunday - the party and things that happen afterwards. The reason for the suggestion of breaking it up is that 120,000 words is a big-ass chunk of verbiage, and might intimidate some new readers. If you've got an opinion, lemme hear it. If I do split it up, the second part will be posted approximately 30 days after the first.
The chapter is in editing right now, and because of its size, I'm giving my editors two weeks to look it over. But one way or another, one chunk or two, I will be posting something up to SOL on Monday, April 9, early in the morning.

I wish I could promise you that it would be worth the wait. I can't. It's been a looooong-ass wait. But I can and do hope you enjoy it.