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March 29, 2012
Posted at 4:07 pm

Here's to naked art parties!

Well, I guess that about says it all.

Chapter 13 was posted quickly when I uploaded it this afternoon. Five minutes between upload and post. Must have caught the gods of posting at a good time.

I've been working on the editing of the final five chapters and I think there are six of them. I decided I was trying to cover too much ground in the last two chapters and not giving people enough time to relax with the conclusion of this volume. So, it turns out there is still quite a bit of writing to do on the conclusion. I'll be glad to finish because the material for the next book is beginning to pile up around me. I'll be in Reno the week of April 15 on a writing retreat and have a huge stack of material to get finished.

And then there are the Reno distractions. Let's call it research. The book I intended to be putting up takes place in Reno, so I guess I'll just try to soak up the feel of the place. Well, here's hoping!

I hope you are continuing to enjoy "Model Student" and that you'll keep letting me know if you spot things you especially like or dislike. And don't forget to leave me an address if you'd like a response!