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My thanks to anonymous

March 22, 2012
Posted at 2:12 pm

I'd like to thank anonymous, who sent me mail with no return address, requiring me to thank him/her/it publicly, here in my blog.

In case there is more than one anonymous out there, I'll remind you of what you said, with reference to the posting of the prologue to my story called "The Exchange Student." I'll just paste it in.

That's a really stupid premise. 1 and not
proceeding past the 1st chapter.

What I wanted to thank you for was making up your mind so quickly, and deciding that if it isn't likely, hasn't happened to anyone you know, or you can't imagine it happening, then it's preposterous. That's why there are still people who swear the Earth is flat, and you can fall off the edge. And that, my anonymous friend, is what makes life interesting.

My confusion, however, is why you wrote to me and told me that. I'm trying not to act like you, here, in terms of trying to actually understand your intent and purpose.

Did you think that I'd read that and immediately remove the story, since your opinion is so important?

Were you just venting, and needed a sympathetic ear to vent into?

Were you trying to teach me something?

Was it a grammar test, to see if I could spot incomplete sentences and poorly chosen words in your response?

You must have had some reason for shooting me down like that, and I really want to understand what that reason was so I can learn from it.

I've been watching American Idol this season, so I fully understand that there comes a time when one might say "You know, you suck at this, and you really need to think about pursuing other avenues of interest." Is that what you meant?

So if you see this, my anonymous friend, please write back, and this time include a name - any name - I don't need your real one - couldn't care less - and an email address so I can write back and we can create a dialogue and you can help me get better.

I won't say I could maybe help you get better. You're already really good at being worthless at feedback.

Assuming that's what you're going for.

Thanks for not reading.