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CONTEST: Pick the Punishment for naughty whores

March 22, 2012
Posted at 12:17 pm

If you have been following Family Feud series, I want to say first of all "Thank you!"

In the latest chapter of FFIV, the Taylor women are going to be punished by Rahjid (Their pimp).

Infraction #1: Were late returning because they were dallying with one of Rahjid's other best girls.

Infraction #2: Did not have anyone to return their buttplugs (They are forbidden to do so themselves)

Infraction #3: Gave head and did not charge for it.

You are Rahjid: submit feedback on the story to me with what you think Rahjid would do as punishment based on everything so far and what you'd like to see happen.

I may just use it. Please do so by the end of the weekend 3/25/12.

Please feel free to include your email in the feedback if you want a response, but it is entirely your option.

WINNER: (optional): For the winner (and possibly runner up) I will Immortalize your alter-ego in the story. Include a short description of yourself, a first name you would like me to use (could be your real first name if you like) and a breif description of what you are like. I'll work you into the chapter or a future chapter if there is no reason for them to come into contact with you.

This is entirely optional and not required to submit a punishment idea.