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Blending of genres of erotica.

March 22, 2012
Posted at 8:36 am

One of the sites on which I have posted a number of my stories has some strict rules about the process of posting that appear more subjective than efficient. One of these strange procedures is to label stories with any element of incest to be labeled as an incest story even if the story is predominently lesbian or anal or any one of a number of other sub-genres. I remember doing just that on story that merely alluded to a hazy recollection of familial close ties. Generally when I start a story, I have no sense of awareness of where the story will wind up, no planning about the conduct of the characters, and no agenda to make some hidden point. My stories tend to flow from an over-active imagination and some memory of past experiences or adventures. When I write a story in the first person, it is more likely to be mostly fictional. I find that the majority of my first person stories are from the viewpoint of a female character. I often try to put myself in the shoes of the character and look at events from her perspective. I many cases, the character herself is drawn from a female I have grown close to over a period of time and have been able to study her nuances of reactions and chain of logical thought. That brings up the question...Is any male able to ever think like a female? My ego tells me....yes, yes, yes. However, most specialists will say it is an impossible endevour. In any event, it is quite a bit of fun and I enjoy the exercise. I tend to stay away from the first person stories as they are too demanding and generally more restrictive than viewing from a distance.