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The Glass Balls III

March 21, 2012
Posted at 8:10 pm

Well, you folks have waited long enough, but here's the next installment of "The Glass Balls." The story took a long time to gestate, for some reason, but now it's done and a fourth installment is being sketched out. I hope it pleases you.

This story has some gay themes that the other ones in the series didn't have, but you must understand that these stories are about sexual exploration, about people sampling a variety of experiences in the hopes of learning something about themselves. And Dom's flirtation with homosexuality was a necessary part of that exploration. Even if gay love isn't your cup of tea, I hope you'll not be too put off to keep reading for the other stuff. My only fear was that, since I've had no male homosexual experiences of my own, save vicariously, my imagination would fail to provide the necessary patina of reality that I prize so much in stories like this.

I started writing erotica after finding on this site (and others) plenty of stories, but a few that reflected a woman's view of sex. The strong female characters seemed to be thinly disguised retreads of male characters, with male libidos and male physiology (sometimes referred to as the Heinlein Syndrome). (Small example: the only time menstrual periods are mentioned at all in most stories is when they relate to some fetish aspect of a story, instead of as a fact of life for most of our adult lives). At the time, I thought that it was because most of the writers were men, and skilled as they were at writing, they didn't grow up with the influences, hopes, and fears that women did. If I wanted to read a woman's version of erotica, I thought, I'd have to write them myself. Since then, I've discovered a few male writers who've surprised me, and I hope that this is an encouraging trend.