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Basic scoring

March 20, 2012
Posted at 11:17 pm
Updated: March 21, 2012 - 12:01 pm

Been thinking of this since one, otherwise very cool and nice, guy told me that he lowered his 'rating' of my novel as my grammar etc, sux :)

I set it on 'Basic scoring' to know if you liked the story, the tale, the wandering lane I was taking us on. Because even when I get such a lot of nice mails as now there's still a lot of people that never tells me what they though in a mail. But I hope they at least use that 'basic thing' to tell me if it was fun, good, bad, boring etc.

To use it for setting a 'technical score' tells me even less than the TP whatever did :)

As any 'hobby' writer can tell you, we do it mainly for the fun of making you a tale of wonder and ahem, deceit?. A few may have bigger ambitions but we all need to know if you had fun reading it, or not.

And that's how I see 'Basic Scoring'. If you want to get technical please send me a mail instead, then I can answer too. I use Basic scoring to check if the tale 'works'. And I hope you will use it in the same spirit. I don't mind technical mails, even an old dog can be taught some new tricks I think?

And thanks for that mail btw. I didn't think of it that way, but my guess is that there may be more people that use it so, in frustration over not having the Technical Scoring available.

I found myself an old friend (aka bachgen) from before here saying he would give it a try, proofreading the tale so far. So I sincerely hope we will, in time, get the grammar etc 'together'. And in the case of it not being so I guess I will have to take the blame, seeing new ways of 'putting it together' as I get his corrections :)

I'm sort of hopeless when I get going.

And thanks to all of you mailing, I finally succeeded to make sense of G-mails system, that is, going back to the 'old school' style. Too smart programs gives me a headache :)

Okay, Bachgen has gone through chapter one, fast as a prairie fire :) and we think it will read better now? I've changed it, a little, too. Hopefully without creating new mistakes here :)


Some text missing from it?
Da***, resent it today 21.