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March 20, 2012
Posted at 11:11 pm

Hoopla and Folderol

The ending of "Timmy" is oh so bittersweet. As I near the end of posting these chapters, I see the young man just beginning to understand where he is going with his life. It is a tentative beginning. For me, this process has been cathartic. I have written about it and have re-lived it, and now I am about to leave it behind. I understand the young man who is part of my core so much better.

The early spring, combined with all the obnoxious medical appointments, have wrecked havoc with my writing. Usually I don't need to get out and start all the craziness on my farm until early April. We don't usually see mosquitoes until the end of April. This year the mosquitoes have been in full bore for a week already, a good month early. The tree swallows I build boxes for every year to eat the mosquitoes have already returned, and they usually come back the 2nd week of April. It's maximally weird. I am very sad we've leapfrogged ahead. For all you people who refuse to see that global warming is a reality, you need to get your heads out of your butts. Anybody who's life depends in any form on the weather knows it's happening, and quickly.

When I scheduled my medical appointments for mid to late March, I believed I was squeaking in between bad winter weather, and the spring reign of havoc. Instead, it's all hitting at once. Needless to say, my output of Timmy 02 has been limited to a paragraph or two of output set down on screen a couple of times per week. The good news is that the last of the two remaining bits of medical folderol happens this coming Tuesday, and after that, I hope to put more time into Timmy 02. Since I am not limiting myself to true or nearly true events in Book 02, I am curious as to where it is all going. It's fun to watch the real Timmy emerge from the morass of his upbringing.