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A couple of issues (re: Chapter 19)

March 20, 2012
Posted at 10:38 am

A couple of issues raised by readers:

> I liked the report by Rodriguez, but am not sure
> that having a reporter delivering such a religious
> message is quite believable. Also, thought he was a
> newspaper reporter, but now he's doing television

> There is one small error early on the first page:
> "Grace, the Watcher Alex had found that morning,"
> It threw me for a while because I kept trying to
> figure out how she was contacting Alex. Then I
> realized she was the seer he activated earlier in
> the day.

> I'm also curious as to whether you will go into why
> there was such an instant congregation around Alex
> in NO, but in the much bigger metro area of Houston
> things start with so few. Are there regional
> differences? Radio wave interference? Too close to
> NASA? It just strikes me as curious.

Ah, it's nice to see questions about the story popping up again, as it shows the readers are reengaging with the story. 'D

Re: Rodriquez. He's found his 'big thing'. The story about the fabled 'Angel of New Orleans' is his access to a much wider market. He released the story on the local paper and got a good response, but that was about it. Then, as the movement got bigger, he reported again (once Alex returned), and suddenly he got an offer to do television (a local station). He jumped at the chance, and suddenly the national media jumped on it. In fact, they were so enthused about the 'regional' story they offered him part of a nationally broadcast.

As for his 'religious message', I saw it along the lines of 60 minutes or something on CBS. The kind of 'thought provoking' early morning nonsense. However, after the problems with mentioning Fox, and the fact that I don't like to put words in the mouths of actual people, I left off what program he was on.

Basically I thought that someone needed to make those necessary religious connections, and I thought that Albert was sympathetic enough to be willing to take the risk.

The confusion about when Alex met Grace was due to my having deleted a whole chapter. Previously the encounter took place in the afternoon, then got moved to the morning, then when someone pointed out the kids were heading to lunch I moved it again. Guess I didn't make all the necessary changes.

Finally, the constant congregation of people around Alex in New Orleans was because there was already a large community there when he arrived the second time, thus whenever he wandered around there were plenty of people who not only recognized him, but who knew what he represented. In a whole new city, where he's never been before, he wouldn't get the same response. Although expect to see that change a little in the next chapter (#20), where the number of characters introduced will once again jump up substantially.