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March 19, 2012
Posted at 5:35 pm

Confused and Amused

I've just posted Chapter 10 of Model Student. I have also just finished writing Chapter 18, the final chapter in this first book. My notebook is already filling with ideas for the next volume, so I'll be able to continue posting after I've had a short break to recharge my batteries and get some "real work" done.

I was first confused and then a mildly amused when a serial began last week with a title so close to "Model Student" (and subject matter to go with it) that the first time I saw it I thought one of my chapters had reposted. It turned out that it was a new short serial by an author I've read a lot of. It features an art model who basically fucks all the artists who draw him. The amusement came when a reader who had once rated "Model Student" 8.9.9 in the TPA scores changed his rating that day to 8.6.6! Could have been unrelated events, but it's also possible that the confusion of titles and subject matter could have contributed. That rating was generous for the other story.

I've since noted that it is not that unusual for stories with the same or similar names and or subjects to hit at the same time or overlap. A popular series that started posting the 11th of this month is titled "The Wager" by Unca D. Today, a short story by sonyaesperanto posted titled "The Wager." What it amounts to is something I've always suspected. There is nothing new to be said; there are only different ways of saying it. I've since counted nearly two dozen stories that have the word "Model" in them and roughly half are about students who modeled nude. Mine was by no means the first.

It goes a lot deeper. About the time I posted the third chapter of "Model Student" people started writing to tell me how much it reminded them of "Opus 1" by Ryan Sylander. I had no idea how flattering that was until I read--no totally devoured--Opus 1 in a matter of a week or less. What a great piece of work and yes we treat very similar subjects and if it's not too presumptuous for me to claim, we do have similar styles. I just finished another Sylander work this morning titled "Looking Through the Lens" and hope I can repeat in my next work as much freshness and emotion as Ryan accomplishes in his.

I've a confession to make about "Model Student" and its effect on the author, but I'll save that for a little and let you see what's coming so you'll understnad it better. Next time...