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Thanks (for all your comments:)

March 19, 2012
Posted at 5:01 pm
Updated: March 19, 2012 - 6:04 pm

First of all.

I'm sorry but when saving my word doc file to txt (for SOL) it seems I used the wrong type of txt save? The formating was lost and I guess some poor guy (and thnx a lot for that whoever it was) had to reformat it at SOL.

At least I think so looking at my original. Word 97 that is ::)) old, but so much faster than 2003 etc.

And I do have a continuance to 'Starship' but I'm not that happy with it. And the story as such I wrote about half a year ago. I can post it but I may change it later, because it may be too slow moving, as well as there are some threads, sort of, that I may want take away.

My stories never seems to end, and as one clever fellow wrote me today. Paraphrasing.. 'Stories you like you don't want to end' :)

And he's so right, and I like all my stories ::))
Even those I don't like at all.

I must be a natural critique, if that now is the right word? Or maybe not, if a story takes me away it's a good story to me, if it doesn't it can still be good but it may not be what I'm looking for just then, wanting to escape for a while.

But it also depends on what the subject is of course :)
He ended it with, possibly, blaming it on age.

Well, then you and me are just as old me man.