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Catching Up

March 11, 2012
Posted at 2:45 pm

Catching Up

***** Belated Happy ... Everything *****
It's 2012 and I have finally found a new job, and thus got internet access at home again, but more on that later.

It appears that I like writing during this time of year more than any other. I don't get it, but there it is. As such, I've made massive progress with Child Magus and have even done some editing on Master PC - The Protector. And now that I have internet at home, I'll be contacting some of my editors to look over the new story soon. I'm doing my best to keep everything as consistant as possible so it should be an easy read. Well, except maybe during the sex scenes when you guys (and girls) have to go take care of business. I'm not encouraging masturbation. Far from it. Share the story with your significant others. That might call for more interruptions than I've needed, but hey, the whole point to reading a sex story is to enjoy sex. So, if the mood strikes you, go get some.

Now, if only I could find a cute woman who doesn't mind body hair and a pudgy gut...

And here are some specific updates some of you may be interested in...

***** Internet Access Update *****
With the flow of regular income now, I am online again. I simply have to improve my sales skills to a level where I'll make enough money to make up for the child support deductions. (See below about news of my current employment!)

***** Crushed Heart *****
I haven't done much work with Crushed Heart. I've seen so many points in the story that need changes, I'm not sure when I'll finish it. I've got to be my own worst critic.

***** Child Magus *****
I have made leaps and bounds in progress with the second story in my Sex Magus series. Originally I had planned 27 chapters, but that has bumped up to about 40 (and could be more). I was having an issue regarding Seth's willingness to do what he had to do, and the story could not continue until I felt he was convinced it was necessary (way back in chapter 5). Now that I've made it past that hurdle, I have moved forward and the rest of it has simply fallen into place.

While I was grousing with Seth about his reasons for not wanting to move forward, I focused on the women in the story. I had made up a psuedo character sheet for the women and a few of the men who show up later. But I discovered that I was focusing only on the ones I had already decided to use and had to update each new one I added. What I needed was a database with a lot of the physical attributes already provided. I couldn't find one, so I made one.

I've been an avid collector of busty models for years. I started when I was in the Navy (as in the United States military) buying magazines. Later, when I gained access to the net and found free pics, my massive collection began. Today, I have well over a hundred gb of photos alone. I know, that's not that much, but I am a little picky about who makes the cut. The count of different models is almost four hundred. Again, not that many. However, for the database I needed, it was perfect.

So, I wrote out a list of different attributes I wanted to include for each model. The easiest things were physical attributes and I found almost all of those models on one site. With a few quick searches on google, I found the rest. With that information collected, I turned to the details I needed for the story. I included some everyday stuff you and I have to deal with: vehicle, habitation, occupation, etc. Then I considered particular details needed to make the story interesting: Is she a Magus, a Fonte, What's her favored sexual position, etc. Finally, I included a couple of pictures for each model (one with her dressed and one in the nude), and I was ready to build the program. Yes, a program. I've been an amature programmer with Visual Basic 6 for over ten years.

The program indludes all the details I've mentioned and a LOT more. It also has a search feature so I can find a model to fill the roll of someone Seth meets while I'm writing. Once I pick one, I add some details to make her fit her part in the story, plug her in and *Poof!* I have a new character with lots of background, interesting details, and a personality that (hopefully) makes her different than anyone else in the story.

And it only took me 6 months to put it all together.

Whatever anyone else thinks, I like having the database. First, it helps me to keep track of the characters as the stories progresses (both in a single story and through the series), and second it helps me when I'm looking to fill a new role. The only downside is that there are no men in the database, and there are quite a few male roles that need filling (I said ROLES, not HOLES). I suppose I'll have to put together a collection of male models and photos of male actors and such to help with that, but for now, I'm still just trying to get through the second book and there aren't that many prominant male roles. In fact, there's only one. Seth. And he's based off me from twenty years ago. (insert big rasberry here).

Now, between the database and my desire to make all the characters more than suitable stand-ins for a quick sex scene, this story has grown beyond my original outline. On top of that, I have been blindsided by several characters that I hadn't previously thought to include until they presented themselves (for instantace, Melina in place of Mary as the Apartment manager - see the new characters listed below). The only thing that worries me is how complex the stories is already getting, much less down the line, as the series continues. I don't want to leave anyone out with each new installment, but it may become necessary. I'm sure all of you remember how some of the characters that were in Protector were either only mentioned or made cameos in Child of the Program and Mind Magi (*cough cough* the twins! *cough cough*). I know I can't include all of Seth's women in every story (that will become impossible after Child Magus alone), but I hope to involve as many of them as I can while things progress. My concerns won't stop me from writing, but the overall plot may vary from my Master PC stories more as I write. What am I saying? They already are different.

Here is a list of the characters, in order of appearance, from New Magus and their parallel characters from Master PC - The Protector. The names in the Parenthesis are of the models I based the character's appearance on.

Characters from New Magus and who they were in Master PC - The Protector
Francine James (Karla James) was Sandra Flores (none)
Jordan Krumm (Jordan Carver) was Renée Hollander (Sarenna Lee)
Danielle Stone (Danielle Riley) was Erin McNair (Iva Kleinova)
Raven (Veronika Zemanova) is New
Jana Perreira (Jana Defi) was Nadia St. Croix (Linsey Dawn McKenzie)

And here is the list of characters who will appear in Child Magus.
Prof. Brigette Woods (Bambi Woods) was Prof. Wanda Belton (Bambi Woods) from Child of the Program
Erica Carmichael (Erica Rose Campbell) was Yvonne Devonavich (Erica Rose Campbell)
Leanne Carlton (Leanne Crow) was Tabitha Anderson (Dawn Allison)
Prof. Cassandra Dumont (Cassandra) is New
Katrina Hannes (Karina Hart) was Chloe Valentine (Chloe Vevrier)
Sammi Ashburn (Danni Ashe) was Jeri Belle (Danni Ashe)
Milena Veltri (Milena Velba) was Mary, the Apartment Manager (none)
Whisper/Dana Bradley (Dana Benn) was Whisper/Pamela/Jennifer (Dana Benn) from Mind Magi
Venera Intrieri (Venera Isabella) is New

I know I left out the Parallel characters for the twins, Linda & Li Mutokasi (who were based on Yoko Matsugane) and that they appeared in part 2 of Protector, but the Sex Magus series has a different tone and I didn't want to throw in a scene like that simply for the sake of having twins. While the scene in Protector was fun, I have made concessions for it with other situations that should prove to be just as fun if not more interesting.

***** Found a Job *****
Good news on the job front! My sister told me about a company that's hiring. She went a couple of weeks ago with our cousin and both were hired. Now, my sister isn't the brightest crayon in the box, so if she landed the job, then I should be able to as well. From what she's described, the company is very relaxed about a lot of nit-picky details others refuse to ease up on. She didn't know if they had any policies regarding hiring siblings, but she didn't think to ask while she was there either.

I called them to sign up for an interview. I thought I'd have a week or more to put together my resume, but they want me there tomorrow! Crap! So, I'm writing this after having gone over my resume again and printing it out so I can hand it over tomorrow. From what my sister said, it's purely entry-level, so my years of experience working in call centers probably won't matter. But they're not going to hurt either.

Yeah, a call center. I'd like to say I'm too good for working as a phone monkey again, but if the work is available, I'm going to take it. The only difference between this call centers and the others I've worked will be the content of the calls. I've worked as tech support for various computer and software companies, but if I'm hired, I'll be selling... God, I can't believe this... INSURANCE.

I've never had any inclination to go into sales. I hired on at a call center for Budget Rent-A-Car. The job was easy. I took calls all day attempting to convince the people calling to put a car on hold to rent. I thought I was doing great too. According to my manager, my sales average was about 50%. There was another calculation she pointed out too. The number of people who actually showed up to get their cars (based on the number of sales I made on the phone) was at about 75%. Now, they only needed me to make 20% of the inital calls into sales, and of those only about 35% had to show up. Fantastic numbers, right?


I wasn't taking enough calls everyday. It was my only number not meeting their base requirements and they thought it was too important to overlook - regardless of how well my other stats were. So, after the initial 90 day probation period, they let me go. That was back in 1998. I worked several call centers since then, all dealing with computers in one form or other, and the only reason I lost those jobs were due to lay-offs. As in the company would either close down the department with only a few openings in others for transfers, or they'd shut down the entire site! (that happened twice).

I thought I was burnt out on call centers. The last job I had I supported embroidery software. Most of the callers were women at about 50 years old or older. In other words, a lot of people who didn't know computers very well. I have a lot of patience. I'm happy to walk someone through tearing their computer down to the bare frame and putting it all back again (did that several times), but if the caller simply refuses to understand that they have to do what I tell them, it gets on my nerves. It wasn't all bad though. The job was actually easy (other than that frustration) and I was the one to come up with many of the solutions we needed to walk customers through.

Now, however, I'm going to be selling insurance. At least that's what the call center does. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. I'm a little blind-sided by the fact the interview is tomorrow and that I don't have a lot of info on the company, but I can put together a list of questions for the interview tomorrow. Yeah, that's a good idea.

If all goes well (crossing my fingers), then I should start training withing a month (not sure how long I'll have to wait) and then I'll be able to setup internet at home again. All of you knows what that means. I'll be able to do all the research I need to online. I'll be able to contact my editors to look over Child Magus and I might even be able to get more work done on Crushed Heart and get it published. There are other things I need to do too (upgrades to my pc, a new chair for typing, new keyboard & mouse, etc.) but the internet thing is going to be first.

***** Interview Aftermath *****
Well, the Interview was ... Different. One of their hiring managers talked to me, along with five other people in a group interview. Most of us weren't working. The one guy that was working wanted a shorter drive b/w home and work. Everyone was willing to work any hours and all of us were excited by the prospects of the kind of money we could make. I would be happy making anything at this point. After the interview the manager took us to the call center floor. It was small by the standard I had grown used to in other call centers. After that, he told all of us that they had to run background checks and then, if they were interested in any of us (probably from notes he took during the interview), they would call.

And that was it.

I left feeling a little disappointed and a lot worried. I've always been confident about my ability to sell myself in an interview, but from the way he talked, they were interviewing a lot of poeple (possibly hundreds) and would only call the ones they thought were best. How many that would be was anyone's guess. I suppose what worries me most is that I'm getting my hopes up on an opportunity I never saw coming. Probably a bad thing. I need to get back into my routine and continue looking for more opportunities.

***** Job Updates *****
I got the job. Tomorrow I go through training and then I'm on the floor and selling stuff. I've got a short list of things I need to accomplish soon, but within a month or so, I should be able to get online again. On top of that, I've stalled out in my writing again. I hate that. Something else grabs my attention and I stop working on the thing I've been struggling with for so long *SNAP* just like that. At this point though, I have to sigh and let it go. I know where the rest of the story is going and it's just a matter of filling in those details. For now, I have to focus on getting back and forth to work until my paychecks start rolling in (the job pays once a week - Since I'm starting on a thursday, they may hold over the remainder of this week for my first 'normal' paycheck).

I've been working now for a little over two weeks. I got my second paycheck on Friday. I also got a letter from the state telling me child support would be starting soon. Texas isn't as hard on how much child support is going to be as other states. I only wish that I had been able to get more done before now because until I get better at this sales thing I won't see much more money than gas money. I need new glasses, to get my license renewed and to get a car, but that is going to be on the back burner for a while.

On the other hand, I have started writing again. I've finished off another chapter and have started the next one, which is more than I thought I'd get done this early after starting work. I'm not allowed to browse the web at work. First, there simply isn't enough time, and second they can constrew that as a distraction from work. I'm fine with it really. I want to keep the job and the more focused I am on the job while there, the better I'll get and the longer I'll stay.