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March 9, 2012
Posted at 10:31 pm

Being Peevish

I've been wandering around various websites shopping for this and that today while listening to the 80 kph/50 mph winds outside (a few winds are normal for fall and spring here but they have persisted on a frequent basis right through this non-winter of 2011-2012). In the descriptions for antique door hardware, I see this phrase over and over: "Needs cleaned." This "needs ...ed," 2-word phrase has also appeared in several SOL stories I've read lately.

Since when did this become proper English? Ok, I've nattered on about language being acceptable if widely used, and if the definition is commonly understood. Should this phrase becomes acceptable, I'll come to embrace it eventually. For now, it makes my teeth grit. Using it is just laziness! It sounds awkward at best, at worst it makes the writer appear ignorant. I think I would have less reaction if the phrase was used about some new cultural thing, or trend, but I don't believe the sales of vintage door pulls and knobs merit a new contemporary treatment.

I like these alternatives much better: "Needs to be cleaned," or "cleaning is needed," or "a good cleaning is recommended." I don't really know why this short cut bugs me, but it does. Ok, I'm done going on about it, thanks for listening.

I didn't want to go out in high winds and heavy snow today to shop for a computer, so I've been doing it from home. I've entered into telephone and email negotiations with a supplier for what I want, and hope to reach agreement tomorrow. That should mean I can go pick up the prepped machine some time next week. Yeay! I refuse to go to big box stores, I'll only buy from real computer stores where I can have a personal interchange with a human being who knows and loves what they're doing, and who values me as a long term customer. Box stores care only about the sale this minute and could give a hoot about the purchaser a second later. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the deal I want will come together.