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March 9, 2012
Posted at 12:32 pm

Twice a Week Postings to Start

How many times does five go into seven? When I set up the process of posting a new chapter of "Model Student" every five days, that was about how quickly I could get a chapter written, edited, formatted, and posted. Thanks to the encouragement of lots of people who have written to me, I expanded the piece from a one-chapter short story to a full novel length. I've posted chapter 7 and am currently working on chapter 14. Having a couple of great editors has improved my technical quality and working out so far in advanced has helped us to backtrack a few chapters if we need to clarify something that comes up in the future.

I've known for some time that this was going to reach 15 chapters and maybe 16 by the time I get the resolution completed. So since I'm almost finished with the first draft, I've decided to move to the much easier schedule of simply posting every Monday and Thursday. So, starting March 12, I'll post on that schedule.

I really want to acknowledge my deep indebtedness to the readers here at SOL. Your enthusiasm for the story has fueled my desire to write more and better material for you. If I stumble, please let me know and bear with me. I will try to give you a story you will long remember.