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March 8, 2012
Posted at 10:05 pm
Updated: March 8, 2012 - 10:07 pm

A Whole Life

Every so often I like to write an old fashioned sex story. The purpose of the story will be to turn me on, and get my readers horny for their amusement and mine. Over the course of my life, I've written about three of those. Other people, many at SOL, do a far better job of writing sex stories than I do.

The best of these are short. I just find the long serials consisting of sexcapade after sexcapade entirely boring. I guess, thinking about it, the best way to read these kinds of serials is one chapter at a time for stroke value only, and to wait for the urge to hit me to read another chapter. That would work. I need to change my normal pattern of reading which is to sit down and devour a book in one sitting, something I started doing as a child to take myself away from real life. Time to break the habit, at least in this instance.

I digress, however. I do write stories where sex as part of the human condition is not shied away from. If it is a well rounded story about whole adults with developed personalities, their tales will include sex in one form or another, but it will not be the point of the story. Not only that, but life marks us in numerous ways, descriptions of which I wouldn't want children to have to deal with until they are of an age to have developed the necessary mental tools. A lot of this stuff makes its way into my writing, as well. I prefer reading SOL stories that include sex, but that also challenge my whole adult being beyond that one appetite - unless I am in the exact right space to need a stroke story.

I am grateful that Lazeez has created a safe space where all the permutations of the human existence can be explored, at least in so far as legal boundaries allow.