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Minor updates posted

March 8, 2012
Posted at 6:44 am

For those who go back and re-read stories based upon their updates, this is just to advise that Trudi 1 and Trudi 2 have gone into the submissions queue with some minor corrections to them.

On the whole, most of what has happened has been as a result of my proof-reader's hard work - some of which I agreed with, and some of which I did not, some of the 'issues' being reflective of the style I'm trying for.

However, there have been a couple of other changes which are not too extensive in and of themselves, but they will make my life as the writer a little clearer as Trudi 3 begins the process from fantasy to submission to SOL.

Oops. But then you might have guessed that already, at least insofar as Simon having many of my qualities, though pushed well beyond my own comfort levels.

Anyway, in response to some feedback I've received, I've endeavoured to make Simon's age and professional history a little more clear. He was something of a prodigy, though not by more than being able to complete his studies a little ahead of time and qualifying with his doctorate a little younger than most of his age would have been able to do.

I've also re-organised Trudi's teaching schedule. She had been on two lessons a week, Tuesday and Thursday, but I grew to feel this was overmuch, both in terms of what a young student needs, and how much her mother could afford. Consequently, Trudi now gets just one session a week.

For those who wrote to me over what Sandra may or may not know about Trudi's 'jinks' - this will be addressed in Trudi 3 when Sandra invites Simon to lunch to discuss her daughter's behaviour, much to Simon's anxiety.

So, Trudi 3 is in the process of being written, but no promises when it will be ready, as the Lords of Chaos and Misrule tend to keep a close eye on me.