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It's what you don't write, not what you do

March 6, 2012
Posted at 10:21 pm

For the few that read this, a small update.

I, for now, have put aside the tale mentioned in my last post. Nobody responded to my request, either through this or the ad I posted to... well, whatever editors see on their end when us authors post a request. Neither result was unexpected, and that's not the main problem. I pushed on without help, settled on some stuff... and realized that to link it with the Ai stories, I'd probably have to tackle stuff I don't want to. Offhand comments in that would either block or twist possible plot point in any prequel. That's the one true hurtle in dealing with the setup after seeing where things went, you no longer have organic story growth but have to just connect dots that may not want to connect. It can be done, and I may do it, but I'll need to come up with a different way to tackle it.

So, the opening scene I had rescued from another abandoned story goes back in the idea chest for now.

In a similar vein, a story with an Ai like creature also has been abandoned for slightly different reason. Basically, I don't want to deal with what a Red creature might eat ^_^ Anything I do will make it just a vampire story of some sort, and I'm not interested. See, going into detail on Ai set things in stone for other aspects I had no intention of dealing with at the time. So, that story is also on hold, despite an interesting concept.

What am I doing now? Not much. I have a page done on a children's fairytale Ai story, as a lark. At some point I'll probably finish that. Part of me is itching to dive in and re-write The Waifs, as that was just a first draft and the first draft is always shit. I'm not looking for stories to write just to keep people coming to my SOL page, so I have no schedule for new stuff.