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March 6, 2012
Posted at 7:38 pm

Hands in Pants Help Memory, Grammar Experts Say

There are two more pairs of words that give me difficulty. One of them I have to look up every time. As to the other, I have stumbled upon a mnemonic that is going to stick firmly in my head forever. Since both pairs of words can related to our favorite subject here at SOL (er, sex, right?), I had to share.

When do you use 'breach,' and when is 'breech' the better choice? Ah, well, that depends upon what you are doing with your hands. If you're inspecting someone's underpants and contemplating anal sex, you could say you were, 'going into the breech.' However, charging through a gap in the armaments means you are breaching the opponent's lines. The quote from reads, "'Once more unto the breach, dear friends,' means 'let's charge into the gap in the enemy's defenses,' not 'let's reach into our pants again.'" As this fellow, as well as many others point out, breech ALWAYS refers in some way to the anatomical rear end. A breech baby presents butt first during birth. Breeches are something that cover the ass! I won't forget this one again.

In the case of reclining horizontally, 'Lie vs. lay' is a completely different story. In the here and now, if you're doing it yourself, then you use the word 'lie.' If you're doing it to something else, then you 'lay' the object down. Lie is an action taken alone, but lay requires an object to be acted upon.

This sounds good until you get to the past tense. 'Lie' becomes 'lay' in the past tense, whereas 'lay' becomes 'laid' once it's been done. These verbs change again in other tense forms. Ok, I give up. I'm going to have to keep looking this one up each and every time I use it.

Oh well, one out of two isn't bad, and that will mean less typing if I can get my hands out of my pants.