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March 6, 2012
Posted at 11:41 am

I honestly have not forgotten or abandoned "Rhythm and the Blue Line," I swear. The year has just gotten off to a busy, rough start, and I have not had time to work on that, or anything else. But I am always thinking about it and will finish.

In other news (this is from my blog at Wordpress):

I've received news that Republica Press, which currently publishes five of my e-books, will be closing on March 31. This is a bit of a surprise and is driven, in part, by the PayPal brouhaha/controversy/debacle, whatever you'd like to call it. However, it is also because well, running an e-press is a lot of work. I'm disappointed, of course, but would like to thank RP for getting me started, and all the help they've given since.

I think RP's story shows that publishing is harder than many think. For everyone who says, "Oh, you can self-publish now," this is true but - who will get your ISBN? Who will do your marketing? Your cover art? Etc. All of that takes time, and personally, I don't have the time to do all that, write stories, take care of my family, etc.

The situation for now is that my books are still available on Republica Press and at places like Amazon for the rest of the month. This includes the Exiled series: Exiled, Young Blood and All Too Human. Also The Hunted Key and Melting the Ice, co-written with Tamara Clarke. As of April 1, they will be not be available via RP, although I am looking into self-publishing them to keep them available. My shorter works, The Collection and Light and the Darkness are still available via Yellow Silk Dreams and Amazon, and are not affected by RP's closing.

I will be looking for a new publisher, and may in the interim self-publish these books on Amazon. I'll let you know.

I'd like to thank RP again, as well as anyone who has purchased my books, from them or any other vendor. It means a lot.