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Anatomy Lesson

March 5, 2012
Posted at 3:46 pm

In Mother Goose, there is a poem you're supposed to recite while touching your baby's forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth and chin (which, appropriately, is the title of the poem):

Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks, Nose, Mouth, And Chin

Here sits the Lord Mayor,
Here sit his two men,
Here sits the cock,
Here sits the hen,
Here sit the little chickens,
Here they run in.
Chin-chopper, chin-chopper, chin chopper, chin!

Very cute. I've been trying to come up with my own version, which finally came to me in a flash, and which I have just posted.

Gentlemen (and ladies), feel free to use it on your wives and girfriends.