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March 4, 2012
Posted at 7:20 pm


Chapter 14, 15, and next week 16, deal with the experience of winter camping, in the story "Paddling." Much of the story comes from a true life experience. There have been few times when I have been colder. During the day, the only way to stay alive was by being in continuous movement. At night, it was difficult to look at the stars, because your eyeballs were so cold. The guys that I traveled with were extremists; they cheered as the weather got colder. We traveled so far back in that there was no possibility of getting out until daybreak.

The directions for making an ice house are accurate. The first one we made collapsed and we didn't get the second one made until almost midnight. The second night I crawled into my sleeping bag, I shivered for about ten minutes. I would not knowingly go through an experience like that again. Even though the scenery was incredible, I was usually too cold to enjoy it.

If the temperature was in the mid thirties, and I stayed in a tent with a heater, I would do it again.