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the BLOOD PACT is Finished...sort of.

March 4, 2012
Posted at 7:19 pm

From the very beginning, I basically knew how the story was going to play out, so it was only ever a matter of putting it down in words. That became harder than I originally would have liked, what with a new job and a nasty car accident and other personal issues which don't really need going into here. There were spans of months when I just did not physically have time to write anything more than a few sentences a day. I know that's been annoying to those few of you out there who have been enjoying this story, but to me it was down right painful. I love writing and when I can't do it, it really does drive me crazy.

Well, during the start of this new year, work has calmed down a lot and I finally started to get my life back in order. I can now say with a certain sense of pride that the Blood Pact is, in fact, finished.

However, I still need to do some editing on those final chapters before I post them. As I get each one done, I will get it posted as soon as I can. I still have other obligations, though, so that could mean a week or two between new chapters -- hopefully less, but I guarantee that no one will have to wait whole months anymore before being able to read the next installment.

As things currently stand, the story runs at 38 chapters. This could change a little as I edit them and decide to merge things or split them apart. I just posted Chapter 24 today so that means there are only 14 chapter left (give or take). And to reiterate: yes, the end is indeed coming shortly.

Please stand by...