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March 3, 2012
Posted at 6:35 pm

Blown Away and Getting Greasy

The winds here got up to 96.2kph/59.8mph earlier today, and they're still running 80kpg/50mph. We have not lost power yet, and both of our broadband connections are still up. We have 2 because of the ongoing connectivity problems here where wind is ferocious and we're right on the edge of coverage. One or the other usually works, although we do have dial up as a last resort, and about once a month we have to use it.

On top of that, my laptop display is dying, and this morning when I fired it up, I discovered that it has taken another step closer to the grave. The entire screen is pixelated with larger blocks of color flashing different shades; content is readable, but barely. It could possibly be the video card, most likely it's the wiring, which has been a problem for a long time. I've spent the entire day fiddling with it, then giving up and just making backups and sending copies of my writing files to myself at one of my online email accounts. The good news, we put together a budget to get me a new 'puter, but the grit-my-teeth news is that this coming Friday will be the next possible time to shop for one. So, please baby, keep chugging for me, just a little bit longer now....

No more laptops for me, at least not for my main machine. Computers have become incredibly commoditised and cheap which has enabled many more people to have them, but the quality sucks. I do high end graphics stuff, and the machines at Future Shop/Circuit City and the like, just don't cut it. The only computers that still will do what I want without costing a 3rd mortgage on the house, are gamer towers. Neon red running lights are more than I need, but maybe I can figure out how to turn them off. :)

I've decided to change the posting schedule for Timmy. Almost no one has been reading it on Saturdays, so I'm just going to post on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. If you're one of the few who enjoyed the Saturday posting, please accept my apologies, but I'll be back tomorrow (computer and weather permitting). We're roughly 2/3rds of the way through Book 1.

Here's my little rant for today. Does anyone else twitch when they hear a vagina described as greasy or oily? Pussy juice is water soluble without any soap needed, it's just not lipid based. Maybe the user is referring to the slipperiness factor, but greasy and oily are terms that imply to me an unnatural additive. Worse case scenario is someone who hasn't washed in a long time or is ill; best case is the addition of an applied lubricant. I can't say as I've ever experienced that part of the anatomy being greasy or oily all by itself, and if I did, I probably would have given a polite excuse and hightailed it, and/or suggested medical attention. Just saying, folks....