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Yes, I'm still around and writing.

March 2, 2012
Posted at 7:40 pm

I've had a number of people write to inquire about my future plans.

I've been working on a four or five story ideas since I finished Lost and Found last December. I am planning on doing a story about Kyle's son David, another about how Andy finds a wife and a mother for the twins, one set in World War II and finally, the one I am working on currently.

Al Steiner generously is allowing me to play in his Greenies/A Perfect World universe. The story is set at the beginning of World War III, when China and Japan attack Russia, Canada and the United States. Josh Warner, the main character, is a National Guard tank driver caught up in the opening battles of the war. The story is called "A Reluctant Hero."

I have written about 50,000 words so far. I expect it to be at least double that in length. Hopefully it will be ready for publication sometime later in the spring. Check here and on the Yahoo Story Announce website to see when it is posted.

I originally planned to post the short story about David Martin's first time with his ninth grade girlfriend, but after I finished it, I realized that it is not a short story of its own. It is the beginning of a much longer story. I probably will pick it back up after I finish "A Reluctant Hero."

I hope this update is helpful. I need to get back to writing. Now... where was Josh?

Doug Fox