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February 27, 2012
Posted at 7:07 pm

Over 1000 downloads today!

I admit: I'm a statistics junkie. I watch my numbers and try to guess the right time of day to upload my stories to catch the most readers right away. I watch for what it takes to make "Rising Stars" and "Top Downloads." I try to post at a regular interval so readers know when my stories are coming out.

So, I almost forgot to post yesterday, after I'd told everyone that the next chapter would be up on Sunday afternoon. It was after 11:00 (EDT) when I finally remembered and got the story up. As a result, there were only a couple hundred downloads last night. Then today, the story's been going down steadily all day, to the tune of 1,100 downloads so far. That's the most any story of mine has ever done in a single day. So I'm stoked.

But I'm even more stoked at the comments I've received in email today. THANK YOU!

"Oh wow, one of the most impressive chapters I have read on SOL. You made the painting come to life, so well."
"This story has continued to get better with each chapeter, but this one was a classic. I simply got lost in reading it, and was saddened when it ended. Well done."
"What a fabulous chapter! More, more!"
"Wow. I have had students who did that with words. I have seen sketch artists that went into such a 'zone', but until now I have only seen, now I have heard, and understand."
"Excellent chapter and I enjoyed listening to the music you incorporated also."
"Sorry in advance for the profanity... Absolutely fucking awesome... or more politely..."There is something primal about the consanguinity of visual and aural art that resonates powerfully." I actually had cuts of the music running while I was reading."

Okay, I've patted myself on the back long enough, so I won't go on. Chapter 7 is finished and in the editing cue. It's beginning to look more like 12 chapters instead of 10. Hope you all continue to enjoy it!