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February 27, 2012
Posted at 2:46 pm

Giving A Flying Bleat

In the Timmy book that I am posting here, and the sequel that I am currently writing, I never clearly say what terrible events in Timmy's early life injured him so badly. I'll go so far as to say it was horrendous, and it took a long time for Timmy to claw himself up and out of the internalized part of it he took away within himself.

As I've been writing the more semi-autobiographical stuff, I first dealt with the near past of recent years. Subsequent works have talked about earlier and earlier years of my life. This was not by design, but by what I was willing to work through by writing about it. So then, the next obvious step in my progression of authorship would be for me to address the earliest years after I finish Timmy's emergence from his teen years into adulthood.

I'm not going to do that.

I had forgotten that one technique used by early pornographers to get past censors was to write in extensive detail about sex, and cloak the words in the language of warning. For example, the author might caution against the evils of prostitution, and then write a hot and steamy book about a particular prostitute's activities as an illustration of the evils to avoid. So, to this day, if someone were to write a story that sounds on its surface to be negative about sex with children, bdsm, rape, and other socially unacceptable passions, but then goes on to describe them in detail, it often is upon deeper examination revealed as actually being meant to thrill and titillate. Some recent communications reminded me of this.

I'm not going to judge anyone else's sexual proclivities (unless they cause actual harm), not when I ask to be taken seriously as the decidedly different person that I am. However, my semi-autobiographical writing has not been crafted to turn me or anyone else on (I am NOT attracted to children, rather the opposite). I think it is useful and provides a fascinating read, but the reason I am posting it here is because it contains elements that are for adult consumption only. I really do not want kids reading these particular stories. SOL is a safe place, I've been coming for many years (early on under a different account and nick), and it feels natural to post it here.

However, there is one important element that pushed me over the edge of the decision to forgo furnishing the last puzzle piece. There has been a resurgence by those who would shove their morals down our throats of using the LAW to accomplish their goals. Author Frank McCoy knows this well - he was arrested solely for the non-illustrated stories that he posted online. Searching his name will provide a very interesting example of this trend. In Canada, where I now live, the LAW defines and bans all sexually related stories that include children as 'child pornography,' whether or not actual children were involved in any way. Thank you, Lubrican, for bringing private industry's efforts to squelch us and regulate our reading habits to our attention.

So, since a story I might write to help me work out my own childhood demons could be interpreted by rabid, obsessed censors as being child pornography, I won't set the words down on paper or into a computer file. Now, however, if it's violence that flips your flapjacks, there's plenty of that around. What's more objectionable, stories of children as sexual objects of desire, or violence? We could debate for hours, but we're having the debate because so far, talking about these subjects (rather than depicting them) is still protected in the U.S. and Canada. There's no guarantee the debate itself won't become outlawed or socially condemned entirely.

It's been reported lately that researchers are beginning to be able to read thoughts by mapping which part of the brain lights up when any particular word is spoken. Watch out folks. Within a year or two, tools to enable thought police will be available to drive their definition of acceptable thinking way down deep into us. And we, like sheep, are letting them.

Is anyone else worried about the LEA and alphabet soup (and Stratfor?) guided unmanned drones about to hit the airways in North America?