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Looking for a Science Advisor (early species of man)

February 27, 2012
Posted at 1:52 pm

First, some updates.

No Man is an Island has set the record for most downloads on release, with over 2,000 (stories in a series get re-read often). It also has the second worse score. Some comments have blamed this on the ending, which could be true (The suggestion to warn readers in the description obviously would void the point of the ending). I suspect it's more a case of these codes, and the story being complete in one part, bringing in readers that otherwise wouldn't have bothered looking at other offerings. All in all, it's providing interesting data points, but won't change how I do things.

What will, however, is my ASSTR site. They've been lax in sending me download stats, but for the past two weeks the reports have shown up. Thus, this was the first time I was able to see what a new posting there brought in: 1,200 readers, half of which used FTP.

Good to know. Now I'm glad I finally posted a real index file with the FTP text files!

So... what's next?

I have a story idea. It's an interesting one, at least to me, and while it comes from and has the same opening as an old story concept, when thinking about it last week things went in a completely new direction. Basically, it turned from fantasy into pre-historic history.

Thus, I need a science advisor. Someone to help me set the tale in the right place in the timeline, with the right pre-homo sapiens, and be on call for occasional emails of "quick, is this possible?!?". While my stories may not be overflowing with detail and info dumps, *I* have to know them. With Taylor Con I spent half an hour looking at new family sized tents to get an idea of what they'd be using, fixing the final choice in my mind only to use the most general description in the final story. I also tend to write around what I don't know or can't confirm, so the more information the better. My proudest achievement in the latest story was having nobody write and say poor Nelly should have died with that treatment. With that in mind I'd also like someone, or someones, with knowledge of not just stone age tech, but what I'll call wood age tech. What we know they did, what they probably did, what they could have done, and what, if done, would or wouldn't have survived in the archeological record. I want enough information to not just suggest story ideas, but at least be a) believable, and b) only get "corrections" from those who know nothing on the subject and those who know everything.

Yes, I know, that's asking a log. But, hey, it's for art!

I will add that this story will relate to the stories of Ai.

So, if anyone can help, drop me a line. Because of the nature of this I will get most or all of it written before posting anything, and I expect it to be a bit long. If other stories come to mind I'll probably pause to do them, but at the moment this is taking up most of my imagination.