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Heidi and her alter ego Heidimarie

February 24, 2012
Posted at 4:13 pm

One of the things that evolved with the "Heidi and her Grandfather" was that along about chapter 5 I moved her away from the incestuous relationship with her grandfather into a healthier relationship with the mountain guide Hans. Several readers had wanted to see Heidi become more normal in her sexual preferences. Subsequently, even more readers, mostly female, requested that I revert back to her previous modus operandi. I compromised by creating a new character called Heidimarie who is quite happy in her incestuous explorations not only with her well-endowed older brother but with her handsome Uncle Tony who snatches her cherry and acquaints her with both oral and anal sex the first night at his mountain villa. Heidimarie is happy, the readers are happy and peace reigns once more in Harry Lime's Corner.