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February 22, 2012
Posted at 12:43 pm

The Return of More Revisions!

Yep, it's just like a bad horror movie!

I've updated, revised and typo fixed two more older stories this week: "Life is Uncertain - Eat Dessert First" and "Redialing for Dollars". Neither story had been posted on either FineStories or LitErotica, so I'll be posting them there soon.

"Life is Uncertain" is a rather minor story. At the time I was trying to do a different sort of Cheat story that hadn't already been done at least a dozen times. I might have succeeded, but the story is nothing special.

I'm rather fond of "Redialing for Dollars". It's a story that I can still read for fun. It's pure high voltage revenge... pure 'torch the bitch' at its nastiest... enough so that the hero has serious regrets later about what he set into place.

The first chapter of my new story is back from editing and will be posted up late Thursday night for your weekend reading enjoyment. "In a Secret Garden" is going to be a long EOTW/SHTF sort of story... with the emphasis on the before disaster parts. Plan on at least five chapters (the first three chapters are done) and lots of sex... unusual amounts even, for me. More later...