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My 'liberal slant'

February 21, 2012
Posted at 1:36 pm

OK, now that I've mention Fox once again, I'm starting to get more comments, anonymous, of course, about my 'liberal slant'.

While I'll clearly state that I have my own views on a variety of topics, which I tend to make abundantly clear in the story. But let me try, once again, to establish my position on Fox.

I've got nothing specifically against Fox. I DO have something against ALL the major American New media, but I don't find Fox's right leaning news to be any more 'independent' than any of the left leaning media. While each has their own slant, I tend to find that the majority of American news is more interested in distracting the public away from what's happening to the country with unimportant issues than in tackling what's at the heart of the issue.

However, you're likely to see a bit more about Fox as the story unfolds, and it's not because I'm picking on them because I'm opposed to them due to my 'liberalism'. Instead it's simply because they, due to their affiliation with the 'religious right', would tend to be more likely to object to a new 'religion' being led by an atheist than the other networks.

I, like Alex, am more concerned with how people respond on an individual basis than I am with how people label themselves. I don't care if someone is a social conservative, a dyed in the wool Red state conservative, a libertarian or a out and out socialist. I'm more concerned with the individual and how interested they are in solving specific problems than I am in what label they use to cloak their true intentions. As you've no doubt noticed, many people tend to label themselves as one thing while still doing things that don't fit in with their basic positions.

I doubt this explanation will make anyone feel better about my 'picking' on the Fox network. I suspect the fans of the Fox network would rather believe in their own 'grand conspiracy' theories than anything else, but I do like to clear up what message the story is trying to convey. I'm less interested in 'selling' a particular point of view than I am in writing a decent story. So I'll do whatever it takes to write a convincing story.