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February 20, 2012
Posted at 6:29 pm

Beating a Dead Horse

My old computer is on its last legs. It was top of the line for a laptop back then (it's even got one of those curvy keyboards I absolutely love but they no longer make), but it's OLD now. I can't shut the lid or else the screen remains black upon reopening, and I'm afraid that there will come a time when I can't resuscitate it at all. It does have a persistent area of shadow that wasn't there when it was new. The processor is overheating, so I have the computer sitting up on spacers, but it has begun spontaneously shutting down and flickering on and off due to the heat. The touch pad and buttons stopped responding entirely, so I've got an external mouse. We're very near death, here, and I'm scrambling to put together the funds to get a new one. A lower end, cheap consumer box won't work due to my professional work, so we're looking at a much higher priced unit. Hopefully in the next week or two.....

In the middle of this, my cat has decided she loves the warmth and wants to lay right on the keyboard. Add cat hair and debris, along with the trauma of being knocked off the spacers with increasing frequency, and it's amazing the computer hasn't given up the ghost entirely yet. The good news, for those of you following Timmy, I have gotten into the habit of emailing myself everything I write or edit now. With an web based email client, nothing will be lost, and all of Timmy will appear here as long as my old computer keeps chugging along. There may be a hiatus when I finally replace the machine and get back up to speed. Thank you, SOL, for providing the ultimate backup - if I can get it posted, anyway. :)