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You will have a story this week

February 19, 2012
Posted at 10:08 pm

The new short story is almost done. At the moment it's a bit under 10,000 words, and I'll probably bring it in in a few more pages. Called, for the moment, "No Man is an Island", it's definitely a one shot. Exactly when it'll get posted in uncertain. My stories don't go through the complicated editing process some use, but SciFi Nut has been expanding his stable of writers so it may depend on if one of the other two has already contracted him for the day. Plus, he may have Monday off from work. He already went over the first half of the story, at least...

I had an idea today that would work for the new contest. Basically, I'd be stealing the plot from a manga story someone translated. Either it's a totally obvious idea others are doing, or I'd be writing way outside the box. Assuming I do it. It's definitely more fetish then anything else I've done, and I can't say I've had personal experience...