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February 17, 2012
Posted at 7:14 pm

Circle Writing

Lately, I seem to have developed the habit of writing first thing in the morning along with consuming my wake up coffee and fruit. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep up this practice, but it seems to be working. It's not my normal method of composing.

I have a past history of becoming obsessed with whatever I'm doing, focusing so intensely that I lose sight of what's around me. I soon burn out, then I circle to the next obsession. I do eventually come back around to the original activity, but often not for a year or two. I'm good at many things, but expert at only a few as a result.

My cats act like this. If you thwart a cat from doing something, it will come back around in a minute or two and try again. I even have one cat who eats in the round, grabbing a mouthful or two and wandering around the room before she comes back to pick up another few bits. My dogs, they don't, they just go straight forward to their bowls and to most everything else in their lives.

I know myself well enough to know my circling behavior will probably continue, but I'm working at learning how to better shape it to my benefit. After all, I live on a farm, and the seasons and the years have a lot of affect upon the daily plan. So much of getting older has been about learning how to work with who I am, rather than what I wish I could be. If I apply discipline, forcing myself to do anything, I rebel. The way I am doing it now, as part of my daily wake up, just seems so much gentler, and is having great effect. Best of all, I've been maintaining it now through the winter months. Will it pass come spring and all that damned work? I dunno, probably.

There are so many different approaches to writing. I don't think any two of us do it the same way. The fact that we are all characteristically dissimilar doesn't seem to matter one jot, as long as we hold each other strong.