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February 16, 2012
Posted at 1:25 pm
Updated: February 16, 2012 - 1:25 pm

The best laid plans...

I've talked to a number of authors who carefully plan out a story and then life interrupts. Do a search on "unfinished and inactive" stories on SOL and you'll get a pretty good cross-section. Sometimes life just gets the best of you.

I'm facing a similar problem from a different direction. My stories are getting the best of me. I started out "Model Student" as one of a planned trio of short stories that I'd post while I was working on my opus grande, the combined "Blackjack. Blackmail. Blacklist." and "My Lovely Assistant Rita." The stories were intended to be about 7500 words long and be single posts that would remind my readers that I was still around and would be posting something big soon.

But "Model Student" has taken on a life of its own. I conceded early on that it would be two chapters. Then saw how it could easily have a third and fourth. The feedback I've been getting--and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it--is that people like the story and don't want it to end yet. So, I've been spending time that I intended to use on BBB and MLAR to flesh out the plot and story-line of "Model Student." I can see that Model Student now could be a much longer work, but I want to really focus on whether there is a longer plot and not just a day to day diary of the events in this kids boring college life. He's no "Ben" or "Pete" or "Adam Walker." He doesn't have a new girl every day and I don't want to turn him into that. He's really trying to make his unusual relationships work and to survive his freshman year in college.

That said, the story and characters have taken on a life of their own and as long as I can continue to post a meaningful chapter every five or six days, I will. But that means that I'll delay the release of BBB and MLAR, possibly by as much as a month or more. I usually keep my books on a very tight schedule (I have a non-fiction coming out in July and fiction in September) but am trying to adjust to a new writing style and direction. I'll be able to tell in a couple of months if it is something that I'll pursue professionally or if it will continue to be a very pleasant extra activity.

If you were looking forward to MLAR and BBB, sorry to delay things. But I hope you will enjoy the continuation of "Model Student." Please let me know if you have suggestions or experiences you think would be appropriate for Tony and friends.

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