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February 14, 2012
Posted at 12:04 pm

More Old Revisions... and SHTF stuff

Last week I posted a new chapter of 'Under a Baleful Sky' and received a few nice comments about it. I'll write the next chapter soon - I want to finish up this phase of the story somewhere around chapter 12 or 13, then give it a rest for awhile. I also want to do another chapter of 'When the Hunter' later this month before letting it rest until next Christmas.

I'm still digging up old listings of typos and making story edits and corrections for reposting. A lot of my SOL stories are not at LitErotica, and this is a good opportunity to fix two problems at once. This week I cleaned up and posted/reposted 'Funny How Time Slips Away' and also 'I'll Dance at Your Wedding'. Actually it was frightening how many typos the later story had! All cleaned up now - I hope!

New stuff! I've had a weird sort of 'End of the World/Shit Hits the Fan' story that rather suddenly just popped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone. While the concept was clear, I've just decided to start writing it. One chapter done yesterday and I'll get another chapter done later today! Probably 2-3 more needed. I'm having fun with it and really its something that I can even be stretched out semi-indefinitely... sort of like 'Baleful Sky'.

I've also done my official Blog update for the week at my Story Wiki site as well (see Forum at the top left). I've been doing a pretty job of updating regularly what is going on.

Several readers reminded me that they want a new Arc Deco 'Zak' story. Me too, but not just yet. I'm still just barely catching with things that I wanted to write last year. Maybe late spring/early summer... I want it to be a good story and not something hashed together out of my head as I type.