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More Questions for Readers

February 14, 2012
Posted at 10:35 am

OK, I'm still trying to figure out what's happening with the story. I've taken a lot of chances with the story (too many characters, not enough conflict, too much minor detail) so I'm always anxious how it's going.

The numbers from both SOL and ASSTR have been very off recently, not so much that they're down, but mostly that their just OFF. They'll be down one week, then somewhat back up another and down the next. As a result I'm not sure what's going on with the story.

So far I've gotten several new readers with the newest book in the Catalyst Series, but the overall responses are WAY down, I'm getting less and less feedback and I've got a general 'bad feeling' about where the story is going.

So I'm trying to figure out whether the story is going in the right direction. I'm afraid that I'm losing readers and don't know it. It seems as if people are losing interest, not because they actively dislike it enough to complain, but just because they're getting 'tired' of it.

If that's the case I, as a writer, need to know about it. If I'm on the wrong track, then maybe I need to go back and rework the story. As I've said, I know I've taken a lot of chances with this latest one. Namely, what made the story a success before, namely the unique characters who stayed around, have been largely jetisoned.

So I've prepared the following questions for you, the readers. Please rate how you think the story is going and what you think may need work.

1) Are there too many characters? (1-5 where 1=Yes, eliminate all but 5, 3=limit it to major character, and 5=I like the detail you're providing, keep the characters the way they are)

2) Should I have more 'regular characters', either a return of Alex's core group, of keep more of those introduced in the latest book around longer? (1=return to the older characters, 3=keep the characters around longer, 5=Nah, the story works as it is)

3) Is the story becoming to wrapped up in minor details and petty issues of Alex's insecurities? (1=Yes, have Alex 'man up', 3=Let's see the story move forward, 5=I like the level of detail you have now)

4) Is the current story (Book 3) working? (1=it needs a full rewrite, 3=it needs to refocus to eliminate the boring parts, 5=I like the different approach you're using, keep it up)

As always, I'm much prefer to hear complaints rather than silence. If the current story ISN'T working, then I need someone to tell me. If it IS working, then I'll continue as I have been, but I suspect all the clues I'm picking up are telling me the readers aren't overly happy with it.