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February 9, 2012
Posted at 11:02 am


I look at some of the seasoned authors on SOL like Jay Cantrell and see excess of 300,000 downloads for their stories. It is definitely something to aspire to. But we celebrate the small things. Yesterday I crossed the 10,000 download mark and I'm thrilled. I've been on SOL for only a few days over two months and am happy with the reception.

I've also been getting an increasing amount of comments and email that is very gratifying. Among the most common responses that I've received this week is the request to please make "Model Student" more than just two chapters. Sometimes it is difficult to stretch a story out, but as it turns out this was an easy one to imagine a little more in depth. So, as soon as I've finished editing it, I'll post chapter two of "Model Student" today or early tomorrow. Then I'll have chapter three up on about the 15th or 16th. Will that be the last chapter? I think so, but I know that a lot will happen to Tony, Melody, and Lissa in the next week, so who knows?

I just finished RPSuch's great story "Revenge of the Nerd" this week. It's another of my top picks. It has some hot scenes, true, but it has absolutely great character development, dynamic and contrasting family situations, and a solid storyline. This story gets a "10" on my grading scale. I hope you'll enjoy it, too.