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One ends... Another... ?

February 6, 2012
Posted at 9:06 pm

I brought "Neighbors" to a close. As one reader commented, comparing it to its predecessor, "Neighborly", still available on ASSTR, at least nobody died in this one.

I tossed together a second chapter of "Brenda", just because I wanted to give them more time together and to show the relationship developing past a two-day fling. There's at least ONE more chapter to that story, maybe two or three. We'll see what the muse tells me.

Kimberly will be coming back with Tim and her lesbian aunt Jen and Jen's lover, Laci, because they're a fun set of ideas.

And there's another story bubbling in the damp recesses of my mind, brought on by a bit of classical music. I've got this college senior, on a music scholarship, a gifted flautist, and a young engineer who's on his first job since his service in Iraq. He's got some PTSD issues that mess with his head. And she's friendly and fun and ... (Red-headed, too... indulge me my fantasies)