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Please review my story

February 5, 2012
Posted at 12:30 am

I am not asking for anyone to be particularly mean or hurtful about my Family Feud series.

However, I would love a fair review of my stories with constructive feedback.

The stories are not everyone's cup of tea and if they aren't yours then it may be unfair to review it.

However if you:
Like a long story where you can watch the character's evolve over time. The evolution is paced and logical. The way they all begin is not where it ends up.

Have an open mind about fetishes and topics - I take a lot of risks with this story and introduce a lot of different things. I do them often for the sake of supposition and moving the story forward but sometimes it's just a nod to someone who likes pantyhose or spanking.

Like turnabout-humiliation stories - Family Feud one sets the girls up to do something devious and they end up paying for it through FF2-FF4. In order to do that I had to make them likable/relatable but also flawed.

Like longer stories: For me if a story ends about the time I fall in love with the characters I become disappointed. If I read 20 disconnected short stories or one story with 20 chapters its the same amount of reading in the same amount of time - my preference is the one story with 20 chapters.

Having giving those caveats (and I probably should think of a few others) - I would love to see a review of my stories.

It might serve to encourage me to continue, as without constructive feedback I find myself faltering.

Thank you.