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When absent authors return, or what makes this reader go "whee"

February 2, 2012
Posted at 12:17 am

OK, I'm a happy fanboy.

I finally broke down and got an iPod touch the other week, as while I really prefer the old model (needing only music) I don't have a cell phone and wanted to be reachable by email when meeting an old friend next week. Nothing worse then having her be bumped from a flight with me waiting by the gate in DC clueless. This way, I'll know and still be clueless.

So, having this thing, I've found ebooks aren't THAT horrible on the small screen. I've downloaded some of my favorite stories from here, and have decided to convert some stories from my old collection. First up was Michael K. Smith's unfinished classic, Siblings. I look at my copy, decide to go to his ASSTR page to make sure I have all the existing chapters...

...and he's back. He's posting again. YES!!! Really, while I'd love to see him return to this story I'm just glad he's still around and active. Whatever he wants to write, that's fine with me. Combine that with Ryan Sylander posting to his mailing list again after a long absence, saying he's writing a bit even though he's tossing most of it out, and I'm in a wonderful mood. About all that could make it better is if Roger Plowman showed up with a finished version of The Lottery Winner.