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January 30, 2012
Posted at 5:58 pm

Posted Chapter 3 of The Phoenix Group

I just added the third chapter to the posting queue.

Unfortunately I missed the posting date last week for two reasons. The first was that I decided, based on the feedback I received, to rewrite it. The consensus seems to be that it's getting too complex too fast, with too many characters at too many places. So I decided to eliminate (as in write them out, not necessarily by deadly force and not necessarily forever) a number some of the characters a bit earlier than planned. You won't actually see much of that in chapter 3, but the base is set.

The second reason is that, due to unanticipated events in my personal life, I didn't have as much time as I thought to invest into this. However I'm very optimistic that everything is resolved and I get the fourth chapter finished early enough to post it on time.

Thank you all for waiting, and thank you to those who sent me their usually positive and constructive feedback.