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The end of Ai, and ASSTR finally shows some love

January 30, 2012
Posted at 3:26 pm

The final chapter of 'The Heart Believes' is off to SciFi Nut, so depending on how much time he has (and if he feels it need a half dozen views to get the mistakes) It'll be up today or tomorrow. He's been a big help, so give him a big round of applause! I also want to thank everyone who's been reading these stories. I'd probably be writing them anyways, but you do make it more fun.

Speaking of which, despite having an ASSTR page since November, this weekend was the FIRST time they bothered to send me my reader stats. That I in fact have readers, 30+ per story, was a happy surprise. I have to assume most come from the link at Kristen's in the "former site of the week" section. Now, if I can just get off my butt and get The Waifs up on an independent site I can link to from my ASSTR page...