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January 30, 2012
Posted at 12:58 pm

Cruising for a Bruising... in more ways than one

My first new Lovett story in a couple of years is up and finished! I have two other partial Lovett stories I've been working off and on also, but they're still not done yet. This new one came upon me suddenly, rather by intense surprise and demanded that it be written. I didn't realize I was telling a Lovett story (or about Phil) until almost halfway through it. This really did come as a surprise - but it fit!

I'd been saving Phil's backstory for some generic 'revenge against a cheating wife' tale, and suddenly I realized that this was it! Since it was a Lovett story, I couldn't (as I'd originally intended) go full-bore 'torch the bitch', which is what the majority of SOL cheat stories readers WANT. Sorry, Lovett is a place of second-chances and redemption... still I tried to keep the ending somewhat vague, in a does he or doesn't he, sort of way.

Speaking of 'torching the author', I've now remembered why I stopped posting to Lit about two years ago. Last week I updated three older stories, revised them here and loaded them to Lit for the first time. I found my mailbox this weekend full of nasty-grams complaining about my non-existent skills as a writer and how my stories are not remotely believable! Nearly enough complaint mail to make me reconsider uploading more older stories there now.

I have a somewhat thicker skin than I used to have, but I find find anonymous hate mail to be of little productive value.

I hope to start a new story this afternoon but I'm not sure exactly what.