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Alex's Energy - Revisited

January 29, 2012
Posted at 9:49 pm

OK, another anonymous letter that I felt I had to respond to. (Really guys, if you want a discussion, leave a return address!)

Normally I'd address this in the discussion group, but since I didn't know if the reader has been following it, I figured I'd include it here as well. So if you want to comment on it, either reply to me or go to!forum/the-catalyst-discussion-group. (Just don't type the final period as it's not part of the address).

In this one, the reader mentioned that the idea of energy in people isn't limited to acupuncture and Reiki, but that various scientific studies (he claimed thousands of studies, which I find a little hard to believe, but I won't focus on that) show that average people hold the ability to heal by a 'laying on of hands' or simply just by 'praying' (from a far distance). So I thought I'd address that idea here.

In his analogy (I think it was an analogy), he stated that 'beings' had an energy rating from 0 (dead) to 1000 (1000 being God), but that each point on this scale wasn't a simple increment but instead being an exponential increase. He then guessed that the average person would be around 100 to 200, and Reiki masters would be around 500 to 600. He figured Alex would fit in somewhere around 850 to 900, with Watchers being 500 and Seers maybe 600 (possibly reaching 700 after activation and boosting).

His point in all of this is that the girls should have the ability to do their own healing, and that they probably hadn't realized that yet. That's actually an intriguing point, but let me cover a couple of issues first.

First of all, I make Alex's energy different than those found in Eastern medicine simply because I wanted it to be distinct so he wouldn't spend all his time chasing after ancient Chinese medical men from hundreds of years ago. I found it was easier to address Alex's energy as a distinct force made more sense from a storytelling standpoint.

Next, when I first crafted this story, I saw the energy as being analogous to Star Wars -100. Imagine Alex as the very first person to discover "the force" hundreds of years before the Empire ever rises to power. Of course, I never wanted to infringe on that particular story, so I've kept it distinct from that one, but the energy analogy fits somewhat.

Now, as to his girls being able to heal, that's actually an interesting point, and I'll probably have to explore it in the story at some point. The only thing is that, since this is essentially a story about Alex, it's hard to create a scene where his girls face an emergency without him being there to rely on without it being a recollection. ('Hey, Alex, an interesting thing happened today.')

He also brought up a few other interesting points (he mentioned he'd been avoiding the story for a long time because of the (inc, harem) labels, and that he even skips over the sex portions of most stories, but that something got him to give the story a chance and that he was glad he had (Damn, now if I can just figure out what that thing was that got him to cross over!). I'm glad he doesn't skip over the sex scenes, though, because otherwise the story might not make much sense without the dialogue that takes place during them.

Anyway, I think I'll try to use (i.e. steal) the bit about his girls having an ability to do some healing on their own, but I'll have to think about how it fits in with the overall story first, of course. Any ideas on the topic?