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Heidi cleans up her act.

January 29, 2012
Posted at 11:35 am

A few readers of the Heidi story requested that I shift her attentions away from her grandfather to someone younger like Hans. My latest chapter 5 does just that with a subtle move to a more romantic tone to Heidi's sexual impulses. I had a mix-up in the Tess's smiley face panties stories, I lost a chapter somewhere. Not to worry, just posted the newest chapter which is sub-titled Hyacinth Higgenbottom's Ample Bum. This follows on the heels of Sister Ursula Bends a Vow. I think I will continue this experiment in character development in separate timelines. The Sal the Super stories will continue very soon. A spin-off of this series is the story Alice Gets a Promotion. The Character of Alice McGregor was most delicious and may have a series of her own.