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With extra chapter, you get... let me get back to you on that

January 27, 2012
Posted at 2:57 pm
Updated: January 27, 2012 - 4:44 pm

Well, a combination of not really getting much writing done on days when I usually do, and the story taking a bit longer to get to the climax, is giving you few lucky readers an extra chapter. I was planning on having it all wrapped up in an extra long chapter 6, just plowing through, but I found myself at a natural break point (if a frustrating cliffhanger) with enough pages for my minimum requirement, so decided to send it off to SciFi Nut. Assuming he has time to get to it I'll toss it in the queue for the posting gods to deal with tonight.

This will, I think, be the end of the Ai stories. Not that there's not more to tell: hell no! But, is it something I want to keep writing? At the moment... no. The stories of these characters goes on, but I'm not the type that finds long "day in the life" stories fun to do. I'm also wary of jumping the timeline yet again. I mean, seriously, there's a 21 year gap between 'Tip a Canoe' and 'The Heart Believes', and both are written to take place in "present day". Going farther just makes it even more silly!

That said, part of me is curious as to if anyone else was interested in playing in this world. Not with my characters, but obviously someplace else in the world others with the ability to see, and interact, are out there. I might be open to offers.

Edit- Ah, seems SciFi Nut probably won't get to it today. Thus, as he has the weekends off, you're out of luck till Monday most likely. Sorry to get your hopes up.