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January 26, 2012
Posted at 7:23 pm

Down to Business

I let myself get completely caught up in Nick Scipio's Summer Camp series and just finished Book 2 (all 475,000 words of it). Hard to believe I read all of Book 1 and 2 since Christmas. Which explains a lot about why I haven't been getting much writing accomplished!

Now, I've promised myself that I can start book 3 after I've got "My Lovely Assistant Rita," and "Blackjack Blackmail Blacklist" finished. (Not to mention the other two or three projects I'm supposed to be working on.) I'm switching back and forth between writing and accounting at the moment and hope to swing the focus to the writing end by the end of the month. Man! What a year so far.

So, I'm down to following three works in progress right now and fortunately they each only post about once a week. Jay Cantrel's "Daze in the Valley" posts Monday. Crumby Writer's "Racing the Clock" posts on Tuesdays. Invid Fan's "The Heart Believes" posts as quickly as he gets chapters out of editing, but usually at least once a week. I know it's a lot to ask, but I keep hoping that bluedragon will start posting "An Ordinary College Sex Life" book 3 sometime soon.

Well, it's either finish the accounting or write another chapter now. Hmmmm.