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Response to feedback and what I'm trying to write

January 23, 2012
Posted at 3:51 am


To everyone who has taken the time so far to feedback to me about Simon and Trudi, my humble thanks. It's really appreciated, not just to say "I liked it" but often to say what was liked, what might be done to improve it, and encouragement to continue.

Several respondents have commented on the realistic nature of the relationship between Simon and Trudi, and this is the whole purpose of this piece.

As anyone who can track my SOL reading patterns would see, I have a peccadillo for older man and younger woman stories, especially when she's as young as Trudi is.

Without criticising those who write what they want to write, however, I get frustrated at how characters are introduced, the setting is laid out, and then they rush into bed without more than a glance at what would happen in the real world if this were to occur.

My humble intention is to try and write as realistically and believably as possible about what would happen is Trudi and Simon really did as they are doing. Simon is not someone who is led by his hormones and he is moral enough to keep fighting against his desire to go further than he knows he should with Trudi. Trudi is, for the most part, acting out of her unconscious, not really knowing why she does what she does, but not being dumb about it either.

This will be explored in future episodes.

Also, I know the sections are slow in coming, and this is due to a combination of wanting to get it as right as possible, and having to juggle SOL with real life (which involves caring full-time for someone with autism, acting in an appeal against a criminal conviction, and studying law at university). Given the work put into Simon and Trudi, I'm also musing over how to re-write it so that I could sell it on Amazon. The money, even $1 a time from a few dozen (or more) people would make a great deal of difference to my life at this point.

All of this means that, although part three is plotted out and the first couple of paragraphs written, but I won't rush it and I won't make any kinds of promises of when it will come out.

So, thank you again to all those who took the time to give me feedback, thank you to those who have given Trudi's Sunday Lunch such good scores (tempting fate there!), and thanks to SOL for hosting such good stories as there are on here, and giving me an outlet for some of my own.