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January 19, 2012
Posted at 10:11 pm

Live and Learn

Hmmm. Feedback on "Art School" was consistent. I should have learned this from my high school freshman English teacher. In fact, if I'd been listening, I would have learned it. I wrote a brilliant short story (for a high school freshman) and then tacked on an epilog about what happened twenty years later. I lost an entire letter grade because of the epilog. (From an A to a B.)

Now, nearly 50 years later, I make the same mistake with a new short story. I reached the end of the story, then wrote another two paragraphs that brought everyone from a heart-palpitating high to utter depression. I lost an entire letter grade (at least) again.

It happens to be one of the things I love about posting on-line for a community that is so vocal about what it likes and doesn't like. I changed the story and reposted it. I simply let the story end at the endpoint and didn' try to tell what happened afterward. It reminds me of the time I killed my detective hero in the first book. I've been writing prequels ever since!

I hope you enjoy the new version!