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Question about sex with Dogs

January 17, 2012
Posted at 1:44 am

I had a reader ask me about getting his girlfriend to have sex with a dog, I thought I would share this response with everyone as well.

First I will respond to your question as to how you can or should get your girlfriend to have sex with a dog.

First of all, there are so many idiots out there who have no idea about sex with dogs, yet they write about dog sex. I know from experience almost 95% of them have no idea just how hard it is to train a dog to have sex with a human female. Oh sure will a dog like a hand job? Sure! Would a dog like a blowjob? Sure! (I will never give a dog a blowjob!) Any woman who does, is doing it for the people or person watching, not for her enjoyment i promise you that!

As nasty as some women can get and be (yep that is me,) few know the pleasure of sex with a male dog. It is the kind of sex that a wife would prefer over having sex with her husband. That is why I told Peter I am allergic to dogs. I know if we had one I would be on my knees 18 hours a day. I would never need another human man ever again. As it is now, my lover Shirley has a dog and we both enjoy a long afternoon having him fuck us both maybe twice a month.
I suggest that you do not say anything, maybe print out some of my stories where I write about my experiences with a dog (start with my story "First time with a dog" That one is true and it happened just like I wrote it.

Then pick out my other stories where I wrote about having sex with a dog, almost every time I wrote about myself and a dog fucking me, I was thinking of an actual event in my life that really happened. I got away from dogs for years because I know just how addicted I was to them. But what happened to me in my story "Watching," well it got me back into it real fast.

When I told them "NO" and to stop Victor from fucking me I really meant it, not because I didn't want him in me, but because I knew once I began down that road again I would have a very hard time stopping myself. However once Victor mounted me and began fucking me, I was lost to my old addiction.

Look do not force, coerce, or blackmail Megan. Maybe after reading my love for having sex with a dog she may desire to try it. (she just may not.) Once that happens it takes patience and training to get a dog to mount you. I can help her with that part when and if she ever desires to try it. Oh and all that crap they write about being "Hung Up" with a dog is just that "CARP" dogs and human women DO NOT GET HUNG UP" or what they call "KNOTTED" that is 100% bull shit!